How to Service a Lifejacket - Manual and Automatic

Manual Inflating

  • Firstly unzip the jacket
  • Unscrew the canister (don’t worry it won’t go off – and if it does by any chance its only CO2 which is what you breathe out of your mouth)
  • Check the canister for corrosion and puncture. Also check the section where it screws into the release trigger (do not pull the cord or remove the green tab)
  • Check there is no freying on the pull cord
  • Please weigh the canister to comply with the weight marked on the canister itself (if compliant screw back in – if not, simply purchase a new canister from )
  • Manually inflate the jacket through the mouth tube until fully inflated - leave inflated overnight
  • If inflated the following day, your lifejacket has no holes (which is a good start)
  • Deflate the jacket via the end of the mouthpiece – push in end to release air
  • Refold inside of jacket as per instructions (don’t worry if its not packed as per manufacture)

A video demonstrating the service can be watched here.

Automatic Inflating

If you have purchased an Automatic inflating lifejacket, the process is the same, however in addition you need to check the dissolvable tab in the operating mechanism (where the canister is placed) is intact.


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