38g Co2 canister replacement set - suitable for 180 Pro Automatic Lifejacket

The 38 grams Co2 canister replacement set is suitable for Level 180 pro automatic (water-activated) lifejackets.

These re-arm kits allow the user to service their own lifejacket at home.

When should I service my lifejacket and replace the parts?

Jackets should be externally and internally visually inspected periodically for corrosion and damage. If the lifejacket has signs of damage do not use.

Periodically check your lifejacket using the video below.

If the lifejacket has been inflated or the canister has been pierced or damaged, or the black capsule (firing mechanism) has past its expiry date or is showing red on the bottom, you'll need to rearm your lifejacket.

Check out how to rearm your lifejacket below (this video is for 165 and 180 models)

Learn how to repack your lifejacket after servicing below:


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