38g single canister - suitable for 180 Pro User Activated Lifejackets
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The 38gram single canister is suitable for a Level 180n pro user activated lifejacket. 

To service the lifejacket, all you'll need is the canister. 

Servicing instructions - checking to see if you need a replacement canister:

  • Firstly check the outer fabric of the lifejacket for cuts, tears, abrasion and signs of damage.
  • Then unzip the jacket so the yellow bladder is visible.
  • Unscrew the existing canister (don’t worry it won’t go off – and if it does by any chance its only CO2 which is what you breathe out of your mouth)
  • Check the canister for corrosion and puncture. Also check the section where it screws into the release trigger and the green clip/tab is still in place (do not pull the cord or remove the green tab). 
  • Check there is no freying on the pull cord and the whistle is still in tact.
  • Weigh the canister to comply with the minimum weight stamped on the canister itself. As long as the cylinder weighs at least this, it is fine.
  • Manually inflate the jacket through the mouth tube until fully inflated - leave inflated overnight
  • If inflated the following day, your lifejacket has no holes (which is a good start). A lifejacket that is leaking will not hold its firmness and must be replaced.
  • Screw the canister back into place tightly
  • Deflate the jacket via the end of the mouthpiece – push in end to release air
  • Repack the lifejacket as per instructions on the lifejacket, with the yellow bladder inside (don’t worry if its not packed as per manufacture).
  • Ensure manual toggle/pull cord is accessible 

Replacing the canister:

Watch the video below - noting the user activated lifejackets will not have the bobbin. Its just the canister you'll need to replace: