Bluewater Safety Float
Bluewater Safety Float Bluewater Safety Float Bluewater Safety Float Bluewater Safety Float Bluewater Safety Float Bluewater Safety Float Bluewater Safety Float Bluewater Safety Float

If you ever dive from a boat, you would have felt that horrible momentary feeling when you look around and for a second it has disappeared behind the waves leaving you thinking, what next?

As a diver, you trust that your boat will stay put but there is still a chance for something to go wrong and have your only lifeline drift away from you.

Our partners at BFWA (Blue Water Free Divers of WA) is a local club that has a strong emphasis on safety. From their experience diving in many offshore and remote locations across WA, divers from the club identified the need for a piece of safety equipment that would allow them to carry key survival gear such as bottled water, an EPIRB and flares with them at all times while in the water. Enter, the Bluewater Safety Float…

The Bluewater Safety Float keeps all your safety gear in one spot and is ready when you need it most!

What You Need to Know:

  • It was designed by local WA  spearos and divers
  • It is a high strength rigid float which has been tested for full submersion
  • This float has 19L of water tight storage volume and 20kg of buoyancy perfect for holding an EPIRP, flares, water and any additional safety gear when out on the water
  • It’s high flotation and shape allows it to be towed along by a diver with ease or support a tired crew member separated from their craft
  • It is constructed using high-quality materials and is UV resistant with a hi-vis colour that will not fade
  •  It has 3 high strength swivel attachment points, grab handles, a push in flagpole and dive flag
  •  If you’re a diver it will keep your safety gear with you and not in your boat that could be floating away with a snapped anchor rope
  • If you’re a boatie, it’s the ultimate grab bag for you to store all things safety and will give you added buoyancy when in the water.

How many times have we all had our safety gear checked at the ramp or seen others rummaging under the bow or in various compartments pulling out an EPIRB, flares and lifejackets. It seems crazy that we pack safety gear sporadically, when you need it most you always want it in one easily accessible location.

The float is designed by WA fishers for WA conditions. All profits from sales of the Bluewater Safety Float will be invested back into fishing safety so that more initiatives like this can be undertaken to ensure WA fishers keep coming home safe.

*Accessories not included (Flag, Silicon Grease, Foam Inserts & Attachment Points included)

 Size: 10cm high on one end, 20cm high at top end, 45cm long in total