Adult Lifejacket - Water-Activated 180N Pro
Adult Lifejacket - Water-Activated 180N Pro Adult Lifejacket - Water-Activated 180N Pro Adult Lifejacket - Water-Activated 180N Pro
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The first of its kind, an everyday boating lifejacket designed using 3D technology to radically increase comfort levels. Successful integration of a high volume 3D shaped bladder design, a peninsula chin support and increased buoyancy to 180N provides you with maximum in water performance. The Crewfit 180N Pro wraps all of these safety features into a fun, stylish, 3D shaped and super comfy cover.

New design, the Mercedes of jackets! A water-activated lifejacket. User does not need to pull toggle to inflate. Perfect for solo swimmers. Increased bouyancy


  • Type 1 lifejacket - with a superior buoyancy rating of 165N - well above what you require to stay afloat
  • Indicator window showing the status of the inflator
  • New 3D ergonomic shape for maximum comfort and freedom of movement
  • Bladder design – top of the range bladder turns you onto your back, supports your head, reduces wave impact on the face and greatly improves the mouth free board (distance from your mouth to the water)
  • Unique chin support – tilts your head back to help keep your airways clear
  • Inflation chamber – provides exceptional turning solutions even if wearing heavy clothing (turn speed less than 2 seconds)
  • Robust outer cover for durability
  • Whistle and reflective tape ensures you are located quickly
  • Twin, forward pull side waist adjusters
  • Owners manual - easy to service
  • Certified to Australia Standard AS4758.

    This is a water-activated jacket, it will inflate once it is submerged in water.