As the days shorten and the weather cools, tens of thousands of West Aussie fishers begin preparing their fishing gear in eager anticipation of the travelling West Australian Salmon schools. Many keen fishers spend hours researching and trawling through social media, trying to get the latest information on the whereabouts of the main body of fish in their migration west, as they approach key landmarks and major population areas.

This is where the advent of the Salmon School Tracker page on Facebook has come into its own. Since its inception in 2015 the page has grown immensely in popularity amongst WA’s fishers, with anglers posting pictures of their catches as salmon move along the travel route.

The page currently has over 34,000 followers and is very active in the lead up to and during the annual salmon season, with a wide range of followers from novices to the seasoned fisher, discussing tactics and the latest gear to chase these iconic sport fish. This discussion builds excitement and anticipation well before the fish arrive, as fishers eagerly track salmon schools towards their favourite fishing spots. Hilton Lyons, the mastermind behind the Salmon School Tracker page says, “there’s no guarantee of where and when they’ll turn up. Affected by water temperature and food sources on their annual spawning migration it’s entirely in the hands of nature.  However with our ears to the ground we’ll start spreading the information as soon as we know there are big schools consistently moving up the coast.”

Salmon underpin one of Western Australia’s most valuable fishing opportunities. Every year tens of thousands of Western Australian families eagerly await the annual run of these amazing sport fish.  These fish are readily accessible to fishers of all ability as schools of fish hug the coastline throughout the autumn migration. Each season, the lure of catching a salmon attracts new participants to the sport, with an expectation to experience an exhilarating catch; especially in the last few seasons where high abundance of salmon have provided great fishing.

Fishing for salmon is an experience in itself, whether you catch and keep your fish, or release them after the fight, just to be able to bring your fish onto the sand, and take some snaps with the kids is something that is ingrained in West Australian culture. Beach fishing provides for a safe and enjoyable form of fishing for families, where kids have the opportunity of fighting a big fish and catching their first salmon.

Recfishwest believes the pristine white sandy beaches of WA coast combined with the splendid sports fishing qualities of this species truly makes this the world’s best fishing on the world’s best beaches. So if you haven’t caught a West Australian salmon before, why not give it a go. It’s a great opportunity to explore the southern coastline of our state, experiencing amazing fishing and make lasting memories with family and friends.  Check out the Salmon Tracker page to plan your trip.