Keep the sand between your toes

Beach fishing is WA's safest way to fish, but you can still get in trouble if you don't know the conditions, so we have provided you with a checklist to keep you safe when fishing from the beach. 

  • Know the area, know the conditions: Read all safety signage – it’s been placed there for a reason. Ask locals about the spot you plan to fish from if you’re new to the area. Make sure you are aware of the latest weather, swell and tidal predictions before going fishing, check the Bureau of Meteorology website Be aware that conditions may change quickly and can vary from predicted averages.
  • Wear the right clothes: Light clothing such as shorts and a spray jacket will allow you to swim more freely if you are washed in. Wear appropriate footwear with non-slip soles or cleats suited to the surface you plan to fish from.
  • Tell someone: Always let friends or family know where you are going, when you’ll be back and if your plans change.
  • Never fish alone: Always fish with a buddy; if you get into any trouble, they can help. 
  • Know how to swim: There are many situations where as a fisher you might be required to swim during the course of your fishing activities; either for recreation or in an emergency. If you fish, you should know how to swim for your own safety. If you are a poor swimmer it is best to wear a Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) and have an experienced swimmer with you at all times especially if fishing from the rocks or boat fishing. For more on learn how to swim, see
  • Sharks: Before you go fishing, check out the SharkSmartWA app or Sharksmart website to stay up to date with current alerts, warnings and the latest reported sightings. The app and website provides beach users with near ‘real time’ information on shark activity, including current alerts and warnings issued by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, as well as access to Surf Life Saving WA’s beach safety information. Remember the map shows available information – not all sharks are tagged, or sightings reported, so be Sharksmart when using the water.
Please report all shark sightings directly to the Water Police on 9442 8600. This number is staffed 24 hours, seven days a week and will activate any required response.
  • BEN (Beach Emergency Numbers) signs: In an emergency situation, please dial 000 and quote the unique code and location information on the nearest BEN sign. These signs are primarily located at beach access points and use a coding system which helps to improve emergency response times when deployed in the event of a shark sighting, attack or other beach emergencies. More information can be found be clicking here.

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